About Rockofajs


"Dream big, think big, and let your imagination run wild."


AJ Rojas is a stay at home dad and self taught artist currently residing In Salado, Texas. Spending his childhood years in Beaumont, Texas, AJ moved to Austin at the age of 21 and met his wife working takeout at Outback Steakhouse. Between that time and now they moved to Dallas, Texas for a few years and then back to Austin. AJ is a father to 2 year old twin boys and a 7 year old daughter. While in Austin, AJ received an Associates degree in Automotive Technology and worked for Lexus and Toyota until he and his family moved to Salado in May of 2017.

After giving up his automotive career to be a stay at home dad, AJ discovered his artistic ability while looking for stepping stones within the limestone rocks that encompass his property in May of 2018. It was at this time that AJ saw a vision of art within the unique shapes and textures of each individual piece of limestone rock. AJ realized that because the organic shapes and textures of each rock were random, it was possible for recognizable patterns and forms to exist within the rocks surface with “discernible regularity” Armed with this idea, AJ began to paint the familiar images within the rocks. Without any prior art training or knowledge, AJ began researching the art world while at the same time uncovering his hidden artistic talent. A few months after his initial discovery, AJ came across the ideas of Abstract Art and began to practice it on his rocks. At this point AJ began to connect the dots between his rocks and Fractal Geometry. Which covers in part, the natural patterns that exist throughout nature. He concluded at this time, that by adding color to these natural patterns within his rocks, he was allowing people to see his art, as well as the natural art of the rocks created by mother earth. And by combining the two, AJ discovered an art form that sits on a fine line between what is considered man made art and art that is sculpted and created through time by nature.

About 8 months into his art journey, AJ began to question his art and how much of it was dependent on the rocks. Because he had never painted on anything besides the rocks, he often wondered what his art would look like on its own. Around this same time AJ became increasingly interested in Jackson Pollock and the way he created his action paintings. The rhythm and organic form of Pollock’s painting style triggered a thought in AJ’s mind. Something felt very familiar to him. And after much research and determination he came to the conclusion that the lines and form of Pollock’s paintings resembled the same patterns in nature discussed in Fractal Geometry. After this discovery AJ began to practice Abstract Expressionism on canvas. He decided that he would create the lines on the canvas with randomly thought rhythmic movements of his painting hand, and then add color to the patterns and forms that he had just created. After creating a few canvas paintings in this manner, AJ began to realize that not only does his art stand alone without the rocks, but the random lines and forms that he created on canvas, resembled that of which was contained on the surface of his rocks. A merger of the two with subtle differences between the two. Differences created because the human mind is capable of creating straight lines and geometric shapes, that of which are rarely found in nature. Yet found sporadically throughout AJ’s paintings.

AJ describes his art as Abstract Expressionism that falls somewhere between the action style painters of Pollock and Kooning and the color field painters of Rothko and Still. He believes it falls in between the groups because most of his lines are created with the action style yet his color is chosen with thought and process.The one connection that AJ sees between all of the mentioned artist and himself is that their art contains rhythm and form that have an effect on the viewer whether the viewer visualizes the patterns or not. Patterns that at which are felt by the mind and body, but not necessarily “seen” by the eye.

AJ finds his inspiration to paint though an underlying drive to uncover the mysteries between abstract art and its effect on the human psyche. He also receives inspiration through nature in the form of his rocks. His preferred choice of medium is oil based paints on limestone rock or canvas. AJ’s first passion was painting the rocks so they will always be a part of his art. The rocks rich textures and shapes are unique to each rock and furnish AJ with a unduplicated medium. However, the canvas gives AJ a platform of pure freedom of expression unmatched by the rocks. Both mediums provide value to AJ’s art in their own way. He loves to utilize bold, bright, and vibrant colors. With red being the color he feels most connected to. AJ believes that the underlying beauty behind his art lies within two factors: His ability to see and merge color in a way which is soothing to the eye, along with a deep understanding of the forces behind man made patterns and the natural occurring rhythms we see and feel in the world around us.