The Beginning Idea

Beauty is everywhere, therefore art is everywhere. If you look a little deeper in some obvious places you can find beautiful everyday images out of very ordinary objects. Because of the psychological phenomenon of Pareidolia ( a type of illusion or misperception involving a vague or obscure stimulus being perceived as something clear and distinct "ie" looking at the clouds and seeing objects) and Mimetolith (seeing these objects in rocks), I have discovered a form of art somewhere in between the beautiful art worlds of painting and sculpture! By using rocks as my canvas it forces me to give up some of my artistic free will and allow the rocks natural shape and features to dictate what is being presented on it. Looking at random naturally formed and eroded limestone rock, I find some everyday or abstract images, and bring them to life with color and context. I see things that you would see at the depths of the seas, to mountain tops, trees, and everything in between.

Using my imagination I paint sedimentary rocks to reveal beautiful images. The rocks aren’t chiseled or sculpted to create the image, yet created when the rock is formed and eroded over time or when naturally formed rocks are broken without purpose. The images created on the rocks are 100% random and exist on the rocks prior yet go unnoticed until I paint them to reveal my art. Each individual art piece is one of a kind and unique because every rock I find and use is different and cannot be duplicated. Swiss German Artist Paul Klee sums it up best. "Art does not reproduce the visible, rather, makes visible"

Anthony RojasComment