#103 The Evil Twin

#103 The Evil Twin


This is piece #103 from the RockofAJs Collection.

The Evil Twin is an uncommon piece with my collection as it stand up right all on its own. I included a “platform” for decorative purposes only. As it is not needed for the rock to stand upright. Also because of this, I am able to paint all sides of the rock for a 360° view and consider it one of my “Interactive” pieces.

This piece is part of my “Mood” series defined by the red, dark blue, yellow used in the paintings. This series includes pieces numbers 102,103,104,107,109,111,112,115,116,125,129, and 138.

This rock was chosen due to its unique shape and characteristics. And each viewer has their own unique vision as to what the art represents. So take a look and make it your own!

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This piece is constructed of oil based paints and 100% naturally formed and eroded limestone rock. Due to the possible deterioration of the paint and rock from the sun and rain, it is recommended that this piece be displayed inside.

Included with art will be a stand and a certificate of authenticity.

Product will be shipped through USPS.

Domestic shipping is included in the price. Please inquire before purchase for international shipping.

Total weight including stand is 8”W X 5.5”D X 8.5”H